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High Quality Climbing training workouts

Full range of detailed workouts to improve your climbing. More than 200 exercises for beginners and experienced climbers. Our coaches have prepared 80 routines based on their experience and scientific training evidence. Specialized in hangoard / deadhang routines to improve finger strength, power, and endurance.

Personalised training plans

Combine your goals, ambitions, weaknesses, and strengths. What is more, we provide training plans to prevent climbing injuries. Auto-assessments included to track your progress. Climbing training plans for bouldering, lead, strength training, power, endurance, power-endurance, hangboard and home training. We take into account your available equipment, more than 14 training types of equipment and tools to choose from. Fully adjusted to your available days and time.

Climbing experience and expertise

More than 250 successful climbing training plans delivered. Based on your assessment we will find improvement opportunities and minimize weaknesses. Following all the standards in climbing training best practices. Built on 4-week cycles. This is your starting point for improving your climbing, whether it is bouldering, lead-climbing, redpointing, or just generally getting stronger.

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Sample training program

Climbers Reviews

Most users say they experienced dramatic progress with climbingPlan after 12 weeks

Tom Hacman, 31, Salt Lake City

I just had the best climbing trip of my life thanks to ClimbPlan. I redpointed my first 5.12! With a methodical approach which is process-oriented. I took the all-in training 2-2,5 hours a day 3 days a week. Completely recommended!

Lisa, 28, Boston

More than what was expected! Good training. Great amount of exercises. I really improved my finger strength thanks to the hangboard routine.

Marc López, 25, Spain

Thanks for writing this free training program, this is awesome! Strong quality, clear language and packed with great details. Some of the strength training techniques are new to me although I have climbed for 10 years. Greetings from a fanatic spanish climber!

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